Cargo360 has a long-term experience and a professional certification on all aspects of the Insurance Market as for Cargo, Liability as well as Marine-Commercial-Industrial Risks. In cooperation with the largest insurance companies (Generali, AXA, AIG etc) we provide the best possible solutions for:
We provide marine or road freight transport services with reliability, economy and safety and we ensure that our customers are promptly informed about the loading stage and freight flows.
Integrated consulting services of added value about imports, exports and customs procedures.
In a dynamically changing environment, with the port of Piraeus transforming into a central gateway to goods entering the European market, we give companies the opportunity to exploit all the "tools" provided by the European Customs Legislation
The Supply Chain involves the design, execution, control and monitoring of supply activities in order to create a net value, to build a competitive infrastructure, to leverage logistics, to synchronize supply with demand and to measure performance worldwide
The choice of Piraeus port brings together two pillars of national extroversion (the supply chain and shipping), while at the same time it is the main regional gateway (of Southeastern Europe) of entry and exit of freight flows.
One of the key issues when a company seeks ways to enter new markets is customs formalities and the ability that each market gives businesses to process these formalities as soon as possible and at the lowest cost.
Customs warehousing allows the management of a company's goods under a transit regime, that is to say the suspension of customs duties as well as the partial receipt of goods. This way, not only is controlling the cash flow of each company achieved, but it also becomes possible to exploit…